Let Triss attend prom

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Trissanna Hunter suffers from a rare genetic condition called Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS). It affects the connective tissue  making her joints lose and easily prone to dislocation and her bones fragile. Because of this she needs lots of specialty treatment that is only offered in locations far away from Mission. For example, the physiotherapy she recieves is out in Coquitlam and requires at least an hour's drive to get to, traffic permitting. Also, due to complications of her disorder, she regularly has to see the doctor at various unscheduled times. Due to regular sudden, and often unexplained absences, Trissanna's school has decided to prevent her from attending prom. As a result she will miss out on an important event in every teenagers life, all because of her medical condition. This is something that is beyond her control and is no excuse to keep Trissanna from enjoying and cherishing the same experiences as her peers.