Opioid Crisis Awareness

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I am a part of the youth that is helping influence the future youth to become young adults.

I have recently come to awareness about the opioid crisis that is flooding the Earth-not just Seattle, Canada, Oregon, Alabama, Nebraska, Colorado, but so many more places like Saudi Arabia, Iran, Africa, Mexico, the Netherlands, and Russia. I am fearful to say that there is a crisis that is being offered to neighborhood kids and I'm saddened to be raised in such an environment where parents are becoming ignorant to what their children see... but we need to speak more about this issue; what got me started on the idea of creating a walk and researching more into this issue was when I was offered them by a doctor at a local clinic, but refused them as I knew I did not need an opioid to heal me, but rather advice of how to heal quickly on my own and train my body to do so.

Families in Snohomish County, King County, Lewis County, Snoqualmie County and more areas are dealing with the loss of a neighbor, a friend, or family member-fathers, sons, daughters, nieces, nephews and God-children due to the offer of heroin being offered to them at their doors, due to the alarming increasing rate of prescription pain medicines being issued out-even to those with minor issues.

This page will start off as a page of awareness where all are welcome to share stories if they would like, and as a support page until we have a goal of at least 50,000 people involved and actively wanting to help one another and support our city of Seattle to become more aware of what is festering underneath our feet. Once we reach the goal of 50,000, we will post a date for when the walk will be held. Please share this page with your friends, family, and coworker's because you never know who may be using. It is not the most obvious all the time and may play in silence until you get a call about them having an overdose, or just simply hearing that you will never see them again.

This is our future and as long as we allow these things to happen, we are allowing them to effect our every day lives and nothing will truly ever be the same ever again.

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