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Stop the reported killing of geese in Voorhees and Echelon, New Jersey.

Stop the reported killing of geese in Voorhees and Echelon New Jersey contracted by the Echelon Common Facilities Association.

One common method of killing geese is to round-up the geese and then one by one cram them into make shift gas chambers and gass them to death utilizing carbon dioxide. We believe this is inhumane. Imagine being crammed into a pitch black confined space, panicked, being trampled and beaten with the wings of other geese and suffocating for two or three minutes, until you finally die. Fact, it’s a waste of money because more geese will come to take their place. Fact, there are more humane methods available that have been proven more effective in managing geese populations. Non-lethal methods include: The Humane Society of the United States:; GeesePeace:; and The Coalition to Prevent the Destruction of Canada Geese:

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  • Echelon Common Facilities Association, Voorhees, New Jersey

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