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Petitioning Echelon Common Facilities Association in Voorhees, New Jersey

Stop the rounding up and slaughtering of geese in Echelon/Voorhees, NJ.

It has been learned that 200 geese and goslings were rounded up and slaughtered in June, 2012, in Echelon/Voorhees, New Jersey. The depredation permit was obtained through the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service by Echelon Common Facilities Association (ECFA), Voorhees, NJ, and MAMCO of Mt. Laurel, NJ. ECFA manages properties of residential subdivisions, commercial buildings, rental apartment complexes and the Voorhees Town Center in Echelon/Voorhees, NJ. The company contracted to capture the geese in 2012 was Goose Control Technology. We have learned that ECFA has obtained another depredation permit for the year 2013 to 2014 permitting ECFA to round-up 400 geese and slaughter them. The area slated for round-ups is bounded by: Echelon Rd., Laurel Rd., Kirkbride Rd., Van Buren Rd., and Lucas Lane in Echelon/Voorhees. We are asking taht ECFA and MAMCO only utilize non-lethal, humane methods promoted by HSUS and GeesePeace in managing the geese in Echelon/Voorhees, NJ. These techinques include landscape modification, egg addling, harassing and aversive techniques including border collies and solar powered, blinking lights that mimic the eyes of predators.

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