Foreign doctors in USA, Exams passed BUT training denied.

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Unfortunately many doctors in the USA, trained in other countries or the Caribbeans and are sitting around after having passed the US medical licensing exams because they are denied residency training spots in favor of US grads (perfectly understandable) but also in favor of new grads from other countries either because they have better scores, an agreement with their governments (or their universities), and because they are filling a visa quota.

Some of us do entry level jobs for many years knowing we are being taken advantage of while hoping against all odds that we are gaining 'US experience' to help us with our application during the next application cycle. But more often than not, its a vicious cycle of working a job with no way to move up and being abused as less than and spending hundreds if not thousands of dollars applying and not even getting so much as an interview. If an interview, being torn apart for not having a 'stellar' application.

The meager job prospects, lack of future growth but constantly trying to 'get in' against all odds is a game in insanity. There are plenty of bosses in research environments taking advantage of some of us. They know we need letters of recommendation (a major component of the application for residency) and so we are obligated to work longer hours and looked upon like workers whose contributions are never good enough.

My request, like I hope anyone who joins in on this petition is this: Give us the opportunity to train, join a residency. We will train for an extra year if need be. Don't think of us as less than and as people without voices, without value. Our stories are different, different struggles and our failures are not a test of our worth.

Also organizations like ECFMG, NRMP, and all medical program websites should be asked to spell out clearly the qualifications of candidates they accept. Exact scores, exact application requirements, exact date since graduation and so on. Please stop taking our money because your websites are ambiguous about the requirements for applicants. This has gone on long enough and it is a money milking scheme.