ECFMG Certification during COVID 19 Crisis

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Due to COVID 19 crisis, medical students have not been able to take Step 2 CS exam. For American medical graduates (AMGs), this requirement is no longer needed for 2021 application cycle. For International medical graduates (IMGs), the decision was pending because ECFMG was trying to find suitable solutions. The announcement of ECFMG regarding the certification and Step 2 CS alternative holds back so many students at so many different levels. As the Step 2 CS have been voided for AMGs, it should be voided for IMGs as well especially if they are just trying to test English Proficiency Assessment. 

First, the requirement of English Proficiency Assessment doesn’t make sense when more than 90% of IMGs pass SEP (Spoken English Proficiency) section of Step 2 CS. Second, why is it restricting students on the number of taken attempts and asking them to apply when Step 2 CS will be available again? Third, restricting the students who have graduated prior to January 2018 from applying. Last, no pathway being available for some of the medical graduates. All these reasons are putting restrictions on so many students which is completely unfair to them. Everyone is suffering from COVID 19 crisis, each person deserves an equal opportunity to apply. ECFMG needs to come up with a more fair process for IMGs.