2 giugno 2022
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Perché questa petizione è importante

Lanciata da ECA Freedom

Russia has started a war in Ukraine. Tens of thousands of children, women and civilians died, were tortured and raped. 14 million Ukrainians fled bombing and rocket attacks. Сities were destroyed. The dreams of thousands of Ukrainian cheerleaders, athletes and coaches have been ruined too.

World sport has sharply responded to the aggression by total expulsion of Russians.  But not the ECA, which limited itself to miserable: "The ECA is saddened and deeply concerned by the current events in Ukraine and expresses its deepest sympathies for all those affected". No civilized and strong position, no offer of assistance to Ukrainians by the head of the ECA…

The reason — ECA President Liudmila Zueva is a representative of Russia! The demand of Ukraine, Italy, Great Britain and other countries for the resignation/suspension of Liudmila Zueva and the suspension of Russia's membership in the ECA, due to "legal" manipulations of Robert Huber was left unanswered. But has Russia attacked Ukraine in accordance with "legal" norms?  Liudmila and Robert usurped power in the ECA and made it incapable. Their position — the position of supporting the war and the Russian murderers!

Our demand: Liudmila Zueva must be suspended from the ECA as a representative of the aggressor.

Sign this petition and prove the unity of European cheerleaders, say NO to the killings!  Let's protect Ukraine, let's protect Ukrainian cheerleaders, let's save our ECA, our values!


For information

The situation that occurred during the meeting of the ECA Board on June 2, 2022. It confirms the usurpation of power and the cynical collusion between Robert Huber and the Russian Liudmila Zueva. This led the ECA taking the side of the aggressor and the war. Mr. Robert Huber defended the Russian Federation from the suspension.

  It is clear that Mr. Robert Huber is standing with Lyudmila  Zueva and in order:

- refused to vote the suspension stating that the disciplinary commission is in charge

- refused to ask to the president to resign as she was elected

- refused to call the EGM to suspend or terminate Russia Federation as it was not called in the agenda that he wrote without respecting the requests

- refused to expel the president of ECA from the board, against the statute, and discussing in front of her and with also her vote the suspension of Russia

- refused to open the call for volunteers for the disciplinary committee asking to approve the one chosen by Russia and Germany with friends of them and not autonomous

- refused to appoint in the disciplinary commission an Ukrainian Girl as she was in conflict of interest, but the president from Russia is not

- exclude the Italian board member and Ukrainian one so they both can decide without obstacle


This is European Cheerleading Association and this is the representative of the Deutscher Olympischer Sportbund!

It is unacceptable for a representative of the aggressor country, where people do not have freedom of speech and the right to choose to remain in power.

We are sure that all European athletes support Ukrainian cheerleaders.

Therefore, we urge everyone to sign the petition for the resignation/suspension of Liudmila Zueva from the position of President and the ECA Board member.

The truth is with us! Let's win together





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Firme: 263Prossimo obiettivo: 500
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