Concern over EBS Student Membership Fee

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2020, June 8th, EBS Master and MBA students received an invoice charging 60 euro for "student membership fee", which have not been charged for 4 semesters due to accounting difficulties. Many students have never heard that 15 euro were even supposed to be payed in the first place. It was included in a student contract as a hidden service, and by default meant to be payed for. 

We believe, that it is unreasonable to demand students to pay for the past fees due to student body's own accounting mistake.

Moreover, every event such as EBSpreneurship and opening parties charges student with a ticket fee. Students who do not pay for the ticket fee have no access to the event. Therefore, the justification of the mean for the money, organizing events, does not benefit for students who have not participated and there should be a clear clarification for the utilization of the extra charged money for students who participate. Please kindly provide an explanation for how in 2018 and 2019 events took placed successfully without the membership fee. 

Additionally there was no clear email communication in the past semesters to highlight the fact that "the membership fee is 15 euro per semester per person." Although the student contract legally binds students' participation in the "student association", there is NO clear indication of the membership fees in the study contract. We take issue with the in-transparent communication. 

Therefore, demanding an overdue fee since 2018 and a payment due day within 14 days is not justified. 

We demand to reconsider the student body membership fee.