Stop live animals being sold on ebay

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Hanneke Mol
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Thousands of live fish and even reptiles and amphibians are being sold every day on Ebay in the UK alone. With our fairly high standards of animal welfare law I find it staggering that this practice is allowed . A large percentage of these animals are a even being sent out by courier overnight to the highest bidder with a complete disregard for the creatures themselves. This is an outrageous way to treat a live animal with them being packed inexpertly and often as a business operating without a pet traders licence and no checks as to where the animals have come from and the conditions in which they have been kept. Parcels can get mishandled, lost or damage and there is a high risk of buyer being out when the courier arrives or being an error with the address - both of which can result in the animals dying. There is also often no advice on correct care and rarely any level of concern about the knowledge and suitability of the buyer. All of this is to make a quick (often illegal) profit. Facebook have recently banned all animal sales, it is high time ebay followed suit. Stop this practice now!