Prevent the sale of stolen goods on eBay

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Across the country, gardeners, tree surgeons and contractors lose thousands of pounds in stolen equipment every day.  Impossible or punitively expensive to insure, these tools represent a terrible drain on our income.

At present it is too easy for stolen items to be sold on eBay. There is no requirement for serial numbers to be listed or documents proving ownership to be provided.  This makes selling stolen goods an absolute cinch.  NOT a good state of affairs.

And to make matters worse, if you suspect something is stolen you must report it to the police, who will then contact eBay.  Really?  Will they? Hmmmm.  Not really good enough eBay! 

I can at any time see items I KNOW are stolen, from sellers who are clearly "fencing" whole van-fulls of stolen tree surgery or gardening equipment.  So many giveaways in the descriptions: "selling due to upgrade".  Real gardeners NEVER sell a leaf-blower because they've upgraded!  They will always keep both because they break down so often, just when you need them most.  "Giving up my little bit of green work due to poor health" when she is selling tree-surgeon's ropes, chainsaws, harnesses and chippers.  I don't think tree surgeons serious enough to climb trees call their job  "a little bit of green work" do they?

I will not buy ANYTHING like this without seeing the purchase documents. Let's vote to make eBay make it IMPOSSIBLE to buy anything like this without the purchase documents!