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Ebay is a company based in California whose only asset is its sellers.  They only generate revenue from them, charge them fees, & that is their only revenue.  They abuse, mistreat, violate them and use sharia law, versus the US Constitution.

Since this company began, they have become a vile website, deceiving, abusing, and tricking sellers, and punishing them, while allowing for fraudulent transactions, faulty returns that are not even the same item purchased, and bullying the sellers.  They also refuse to protect sellers, and they allow for false feedback on accounts when buyers learn the very broken system inside Ebay, where they are allowed to violate and manipulate with feedback and Ebay will not remove it.

Video of how buyers switch out broken items for perfect items and Ebay does not protect even when different items are sent back than what they purchased.  Disney is a big one that it happens with, but even if a buyer returns a different item, Ebay does nothing and allows it.

Ebay has become even more harsh and subtracts huge points from 100% score when buyers travel from site to site, abusing the system, and trying to get items for free.  At one poing in about 2012, Ebay was allowing for every buyer to get one item for free, and make a fake damage claim.  Then buyers caught on, and opened more accounts, also wanting and demanding items for free. No other web sites do this, but Ebay did and does.  And even when buyers did return different items than they purchased, Ebay would not proect the sellers at all. Even though mail fraud is a crime, Ebay does nothing, and acutally coddles their abusive buyers, leaving no way to track them as they travel from site to site and make fraudulent purchases.  The staff is trained to lie to sellers, when they actually do 0 for the sellers, and they do not stop the buyers from internet theft.  It has cost Ebay dearly in terms of reputation, sales, and loss of buyers and sellers, but they have catered to bullying and using sharia law and taken amazing sellers & all of their investments into merchandise and forced them to give up from the insane treatment.

Ebay pressures  all buyers to use free shipping, when it is far from free, they charge sellers fees for all costs of shipping, force these fraudulent returns, and do not comply with the laws for business, they have forced all sellers to sign a contract that is written in sharia law, not USA law, and in order to use the site, they have to agee to terms.  Sellers when they start, are unaware that it's sharia law, and not the constitution, and Ebay rips off one seller at a time, just ignoring the law.  

Even when I went to court and won a case, Ebay would not remove false feedback, and then it's still on the account, so the criminal frauds that know how to commit internet theft, fake claims and faulty returns, those people refer to it to repeat the same act as the first person that was an internet fraud.

No other sites place the emhasis on feedback that Ebay does, they do this again to abuse and violate their only asset, the seller, and to allow bad buyers to saturate the site, without as much as a warning sign.

In 2013 or so, I contacted the top people at Ebay and was forced to close stores, because the fraud was so bad, and here we are 3 years later, and it's still plagued with bad buyers that contaminate internet shopping.  Ebay intends to use sharia law continuously, they think they own the WEB, and it's time they have to pay out some damages for what they have cost the sellers.  Sellers that thought the internet and Ebay would be a great living and way to earn some money, lost hundreds of thousands of dollars by the deception.

Ebay is liable for not using the laws of the Constitution, and trying to enrich themselves without consequences for the millions they deceived, and it's time to have them pay up, and change how they treat their only asset.

I have had more than 100 fraudulent buyers, and feedback abuse, and personally lost thousands of dollars, so have many others.  

Ebay has to alleviate repeat offenders and toxic buyers from the site.  This 2016 Christmas, a very toxic buyer plagued my store on a simple purchase of 3 musical rocking horses, and while they were carefully shipped and packed, 2 arrived fine, one arrived damaged.  I filed an insurance claim that was paid so fast, but this buyer filed an additional return, and then proceeded to write me more than 15 messages to assault my store and reputation, accusing me of shipping out this toy broken.  She has a history of buyer abuse, and is truly a bully.  I am asking as part of this petition that her account be closed for buyer violations.   

The United States Post Office is now also ripping off sellers, during damage claims, and trying to not reimburse for shipping for the item being shipped, and if the item has to be returned.  This is sharia law, and not USA law.  If you go to a dry cleaner (a service) & your item comes back w/ a hole in it, you do not pay for that service & they have to replace your item  Now the post office has adapted the unlawful means to rip off Ebay sellers, charge for insurance, but not pay out the lawful damages.  So for example, if I ship and item for $20.00, and it weighs 3 pounds and is $8.00 to ship then it arrives damaged and it's $8.00 to return it back that is $16.00 that they also owe,  They now try to only pay for the $20.00 item (which has fees, as does the shipping) and bully sellers into only accepting the $20.00 and force them to file an appeal.  This is sharia law insanity and has to end.  They are trying to unlawfully enrich themselves while the sellers take the hit and have too much hassle to fight for this money back & they usually can't afford the time and effort.  Post Office that provides insurance has to reimburse for the cost to and from the location and both ways of shipping 

Sign the Petition, and get Ebay to stop seller abuse. 

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