Ebay - Sellers Have To Be Protected From Bad Buyers, Fraud, Faulty Returns Etc.

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Newest video about Ebay violations to sellers  


Ebay is a company based in California whose only asset is its sellers.  They only generate revenue from them, charge them fees, & that is their only revenue.  Sellers are their only asset, and without sellers, they have no buyers.  However, they reverse the reality, and cater to sellers, even ones that commit mail fraud, send back different items than they bought, in order to obtain items for free, and Ebay does not protect sellers from that type of fraud.  

Since this company began, they have become a vile website, deceiving, abusing, and tricking sellers, and punishing them, while allowing for fraudulent transactions, faulty returns that are not even the same item purchased, and bullying the sellers.  They also refuse to protect sellers, and they allow for false feedback on accounts when buyers learn the very broken system inside Ebay, where they are allowed to violate and manipulate with feedback and Ebay will not remove it.

Video of how buyers switch out broken items for perfect items and Ebay does not protect even when different items are sent back than what they purchased.  Disney is a big one that it happens with, but even if a buyer returns a different item, Ebay does nothing and allows it.

Ebay has become even more harsh and subtracts huge points from 100% score when buyers travel from site to site, abusing the system, and trying to get items for free.  At one point in about 2012, Ebay was allowing for every buyer to get one item for free, and make a fake damage claim.  Then buyers caught on, and opened more accounts, also wanting and demanding items for free. No other web sites do this, but Ebay did and does.  And even when buyers did return different items than they purchased, Ebay would not proect the sellers at all. Even though mail fraud is a crime, Ebay does nothing, and actually coddles their abusive buyers, leaving no way to track them as they travel from site to site and make fraudulent purchases.  The staff is trained to lie to sellers, when they actually do 0 for the sellers, and they do not stop the buyers from internet theft.  It has cost Ebay dearly in terms of reputation, sales, and loss of buyers and sellers, but they have catered to bullying.

What to do,  Situations are different, and state laws are different, but mail fraud is something that is a federal crime.  Depending on your item and the price of it, depends on what and where to file.  We are now seeing responses from the Senate and Congress to stop web sites from not handling these types of crimes.

Buyers that scam, and have this criminal mindset halt when they have consequences, and it becomes public.  Sellers have had to file cases in courts, and turn in people to police,  here are some samples



Ebay scammer arrested


I have taken someone to court, they got a criminal record for their crime of returning a different item.  See the update and it shows the criminal case.

I also sued for slander, when a buyer left negative feedback, in retaliation for me knowing about their crime.  And in court, everyone, you sue them for defamation, and libel.  You can sue for $25,000 in district court, and higher if you want to go to Supreme court.  If they appear, you both plead your cases, ask for a jury trial.  If they do not show up, and go to your state, they lose the case.  They then get a judgement against themselves, and think that because they are out of state, it does not matter.  But an unpaid judgement, turns into a warrant on them, for their arrest, if they ever go to your state, and it stays on their record.  

Messing with feedback is a tactic, and Ebay does not help sellers, which is why they also need to be held accountable for unfair feedback from a fraudulent buyer.  Some of these buyers are just addicts and have a sense of entitlement that is truly criminal.  Any seller is a sitting duck, because they think they are way ahead of you, when in fact, we are ahead of them, and can see them a mile away.  They make many mistakes, and their toxic attitude over a purchase, blaming a seller when a truly damaged item in transit, just happens, and is routine, nothing more than fixing it.  These people that target sellers, try to blame them, and that is clue #1.  

What happens to them when they are called on their own fraud, is they are bullies, and vindictive.  We all have to fight them, to make shopping safe. 

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