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Petitioning CEO of Ebay Inc. John Donahoe and 1 other

EBAY: Fine & ban unethical sellers w/ numerous negative feedback scores.

eBay sellers are stealing money from eBay buyers by selling products that they never ship or knowingly shipping damaged products that are listed as new or undamaged. Many of these scammers hold refund ransom until negative feedback is removed. While many of these transactions are reversed the time spent on bidding, buying, paying, waiting and trying to resolve the issue is causing severe stress and frustration to eBay buyers. eBay should remove these un-ethical eBay sellers to discourage eBay buyers from closing their accounts and to show good faith to eBay buyers that eBay is actively working towards improving the quality of sellers on eBay.

Letter to
CEO of Ebay Inc. John Donahoe
CEO of Ebay Inc. John Donahoe
Fine & ban unethical sellers w/ numerous negative feedback scores.

In today’s finically tough times most people are looking for inexpensive ways to buy and make unique gifts. One avenue of doing that is using eBay. eBay buyers go through the search, find just the right item, buy the item right then and there or they bid on the item which is even a longer process. So imagine how disappointing it is when a eBay seller never ships the paid for item or ships the wrong item or knowingly sells an item that is damaged…worse than that imagine that you forgot to look at the eBay seller’s Feedback score and you discover that the seller has numerous negative comments for doing the exact same thing to several other people within the last six months. Frustrating doesn’t even begin to cover it.

Yes the blame is partially the buyer’s for not first looking at the Feedback store but part of the blame also belongs to eBay who allows the seller to continue this unethical practice by allowing the seller to continue selling knowing that the seller is unethical. 30 Negative comments in one month is 30 purchases that went wrong. Mistakes are human but what is more than 300 Negative Feedback comments in one month alone?

Fine eBay sellers with numerous negative Feedback comments and ban eBay Sellers with more than 200 negative Feedbacks in six months. Only when eBay Inc. steps in and tells its Sellers not to do this will it decrease. By doing this eBay will attract even more good sellers utilizing ethical business practices and bring back lost eBay buyers who closed their account due to one too many bad buying experiences.