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Ebay and Amazon, put an end to scalping.

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Every so often some big new product hits the shelves that has demand stores are unable to meet. It has become a common practice for lowlifes to go into stores to buy out such product with the sole intention of selling it online for profit. They take advantage of the demand and the product's scarcity and try to sell it online for far more than the retail price. $12 Amiibos go up for $300, and a new console goes up for 5 times it's retail value. Right now, one such product is the Nintendo Switch.

I have seen this $300 console listed online for $1000-$2000. I even saw one listing for over $30,000. All anyone can do about it is ask, "Why is this even allowed?"

This is a topic that has spawned petitions in the past, but people are targeting the wrong people. There isn't much stores can do about scalpers. You can't really judge when making a sale who's a scalper. The most you can do is limit 1 to a customer, which some stores do, but it isn't enough.

If we want to put this to an end, online stores like Ebay and Amazon need to step up. They are the ones with the power to put a huge damper on scalping.

It's quite simple. If a product has been released for sale in retail in the past 365 days, it cannot be listed for more than it's retail value. The seller can have the buyer cover the shipping cost, but they should no longer be allowed to make a profit off of the product. The product can also only be sold as a buy it now listing, to prevent scalpers from using auctions to take advantage of desperate bidders.

While this may not solve the issue 100% it would put a huge hindrance on it that would almost completely kill scalping as a practice. The Nintendo Switch belongs in the hands of gamers, not shady, middle aged men who don't even know what a video game is. Shut them down. Make them stop trying to profit off of ruining things for other people and go get a real job.

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