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Ebay Classifieds: Stop allowing the sale of dogs & puppies on Ebay Classifieds!

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Allowing the sale of puppies on Ebay Classifieds ( provides a marketing venue for puppy mills and backyard breeders to find business & make money off of animals' suffering.  While some of the breeders posting on the page may be legitimate, many are people who are only interested in the income the puppies generate, and are not concerned with the welfare of the dogs. Puppy mills & backyard breeders are known to house dogs in shockingly poor conditions and to breed them much more frequently than they should.  After they are no longer useful for breeding, the dogs are often killed or abandoned.  It is a harmful and shameless business, and everything that can be done to stop it should be done. Allowing puppy sales on the Ebay Classified websites encourages these horrible practices.  Similar websites, such as Craigslist, do not allow posts for pet sales. Please help put an end to these animals' suffering by taking away another venue where they can be sold.  Stop allowing posts for pet sales.

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