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Cheaper eBay fees for non-business sellers!

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eBay seller fees are beyond fair, currently (in Australia) the seller invoices on a basic item are 10.9%, which for example if a seller posts an item worth $10 in the video games category their seller fees when sold including postage costs of for example $10 PLUS the PayPal fee of 61c the seller is charged in total $4.09 leaving them with a measly $5.91 to themselves! *In some categories the fees are different.

Insertion fees are non-refundable even if your item doesn't sell, this is not fair to small-time sellers like my self who don't sell often and are not business sellers and as a result have to charge more than their items are worth to get a decent amount, which isn't likely to sell because of the price hike!

I'm, sure there are many small time sellers like me who are fed up with the unreasonably high eBay fees that we have to deal with every time we sell, I understand that eBay has to make money somehow and even the PayPal fees are bearable but the current eBay sellers fees are not! I want the eBay sellers fees to be at the very least only %5 of the listings worth so small time sellers like myself will go to eBay to sell and not elsewhere, this will also encourage other sellers like my self to sell on eBay. many eBay sellers agree it is hardly worth selling on eBay anymore unless you are a business!

as it stands eBay is not getting as many sellers as they could because of the high fees. I neglected to sell on eBay up until a few months ago because of these fees but I've gone to eBay as there is a larger audience and my items are more likely to sell, which just goes to show if they lower the fees they will attract more sellers to their site thus getting them more sellers fees to charge, so in the long run they will probably make more money with lower fees! I'm calling on the eBay CFO to cut the seller fees for non-eBay store sellers to at least %5!

If you want fairer eBay seller fees so you can get rid of that old phone or laptop without having to lose a large sum of your earnings than please sign and share my petition for a fairer eBay for small time sellers!

I've dug up an old eBay community thread to show the distaste for the high eBay fees that not only I am upset with.

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