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Vote NO on Walmart's plans to build a supercenter in Eastvale Crossings!

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We have an opportunity as a young incorporated city to create a community that we can be proud of now and for future generations. Eastvale has a unique character, even as a young city and Walmart is simply the wrong kind of development  if we want to keep our unique character.

While growth is positive for our economy, it must also be done responsibly to ensure the best long-term future for our community as a whole and to preserve our quality of life. That is why we must stand UNITED in OPPOSITION to Walmart’s plan to build a 192,000 sq. ft. Supercenter and strip mall on 25 acres at the corner of Limonite and Archibald Avenues in Eastvale.


Walmart’s plan to convert 25 acres into a massive strip mall right next to a residential neighborhood and Huber Park will attract several thousand new daily car trips through our neighborhood. No amount of widening will prevent already terrible traffic on Archibald and Limonite Avenues from getting dramatically worse if the Supercenter is built.

The proposed Walmart Supercenter is located right next to homes in Eastvale Downs and a mile from Rosa Parks Elementary School, putting our children at risk of huge semi-trucks delivering goods at all hours of the day, increased vehicular traffic, and hard alcohol and tobacco sales in close proximity to families and schools.

A 24-Hour Walmart Supercenter will result in well documented increases in crime, noise, and major traffic delays. All of this will impact our property values and quality of life!

We already have TWO Walmart Supercenters less than 10 miles away in Corona and Chino and ONE Walmart Market 6 miles away in Jurupa Valley; do we really need a FOURTH Walmart here?

The proposed Supercenter will result in a net loss of better paying jobs in Eastvale when they force our grocery stores and several mom and pop stores out of business because they can’t compete with Walmart’s tax subsidized, low employee wages and bulk cheap foreign products; it’s not a fair market level playing field when Walmart is involved!

Please JOIN with your neighbors, residents and merchants in SIGNING this PETITION and demanding that the City Council use their discretion to say NO to rezoning these 25 acres to make way for a massive Walmart Supercenter and strip mall.

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