Save our Extracuriculars at Our School!

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Our school, Helen Keller Middle, is facing severe budget cuts this upcoming year. This includes cuts to our teachers, language programs, and all extracurriculars. For us, as middle school students, it is very hard to imagine a world in which we would not get to enjoy any after-school activities. I know when I say this, I am speaking for all students at my school, the clubs are what make school fun! The drama club which puts on the annual school play, track and field and our meets against other schools, jazz band and their trip to lake compounds to perform, it's all part of the school experience. 

Another big part of our school is student government. Next year, with the proposed budget, student council and 8th grade government will not longer exist. Not only do these school programs raise money for our school and other charities, it also brings our community together. One of the biggest events in Easton are the yearly pasta dinner and pancake breakfast, bringing in money for the school and creating a great excuse to come out and see friends. Instead, our school with be a place people will dread coming, colorless and bland. And without the excitement to get to one of your clubs after school and hang out with friends, I don't see any reason students will enjoy school anymore. 

Our school is very encouraging of building a community where everyone has a friend, and people are very closely bonded. But, to me (and many other students), after school clubs are where we make these friends, form these relationships, and create memories. So how can we continue to build a safe and kind community when what keeps us together is going to be taken away?

Please, it would mean the world to us if you would take the time to sign this petition.  Also, as you know, these clubs cannot run without funding, so please, take a look at our GoFundMe page (here's the link and consider donating. Thank you for taking your time to read this, it means so much. 

- Students from HKMS :)

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