Eastland to improve its waste management and start recycling!

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This petition is calling Eastland to pick up its game regarding recycling and waste management.
I have recently started working at a restaurant at Eastland and I was shocked to learn that nothing is recycled in the center.
Despite the bin rooms having colour coordinated signs and bins to indicate ones used for general waste, cardboard and food waste, this system is not used. The coloured bins are regularly not there, with only the general waste bin being available and the waste is co-mingled.
A Co-worker who has been working in the center for three years now has told me that they have never seen a yellow 'bottle recycling bin' and one night when talking to a worker, they were told to put their bag of recycling in the regular bin. The co-worker questioned if it would be sorted later and got no clear response. This could be an isolated case of just the bin room we use, however another worker from the center (using a different waste room) has described regularly seeing the soft plastic bins emptied into the general waste bin.

I understand that there would be workers and shops in Eastland that do not respect the system, however it is clear that even if workers try to do the right thing and sort their waste correctly, Eastland do not care and do not provide facilities to do so.
Obviously, I can only comment on my own experiences and those of others I know in the center. However, if this is how Eastland manage their vendors waste I cannot imagine the customer recycling bins would be handled much better.

Lastly, when renovations started at Eastland around 3 years ago, Eastland promoted an organic waste bin that could turn food scraps into compost.
This bin has never been put into place and there are zero places to dispose of organic food waste in the center. (Rumour has it that they tried to put in the bin after the walls were built and it didn’t fit)
This is a disgrace, especially because there was even an endorsement about this facility and all the health and environmental benefits that it would create. Where is it now? Business’ produce up to 1.3 tonnes of food waste a year, which contributes significantly to greenhouse gasses when it breaks down in landfill.
(Read more about the compost bin here: https://www.theage.com.au/national/victoria/sustainability-warrior-joost-bakker-has-a-new-target-for-healthy-living-20151203-glesla.html)

Eastland, being one of the biggest shopping centers in Melbourne has a moral and social responsibly to ensure its disposing of its waste correctly and valuing their customers and workers conscious decisions to be environmentally active citizens.

With Christmas season upon us, shopping centers are busier; meaning more waste, recyclables and food scraps ALL ending up in landfill due to Eastland's negligible care for waste disposal.


- Eastland to start taking its recycling and waste disposal responsibility seriously. This includes having all different types of recycling bins and ensuring that they are taken away to appropriate facilities

-To deliver on their promise of an organic food waste bin system. This was promised and heavily endorsed during the development upgrades and it is mis-leading that it never got built and put into action.

If you work at Eastland or just shop there, this affects us all.
Let Eastland management know that disrespecting the environment is not okay and that you want better practices in our community and workplaces!!

Disclaimer: In creating and signing this petition, we do not represent our respective employers and speak only on behalf of ourselves.

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