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Eastlake Elementary School Boundary Change Option A

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Many families in Eastlake have been disappointed with the boundary options presented in Jordan District's survey that has been sent to everyone.  A group of parents have organized an effort to encourage the Jordan District Board to strongly consider this new boundary proposal, Option A, even though it wasn't included in their survey. Please see below, where you can review Option A boundaries and the supporting evidence that demonstrates why this is the most comprehensive and balanced option for Eastlake and the surrounding schools. The only way we have a chance here is if we demonstrate significant support in the following ways:

1 - Sign this petition and share with all your neighbors/friends who aren't happy with the options in the survey.

2 - Submit/re-submit the district survey to leave a comment that your #1 choice isn't offered on the survey and that you choose Option A.  *in order to avoid skewing the results it is important to rate your 2nd choice option from those offered on the survey, otherwise if all the options are rated low, the results will demonstrate that we want NO change in the boundaries.

3 - Most importantly, we need a strong show of support on Tuesday, December 12, 2017, at 6:30 p.m. at the Jordan Academy for Technology and Careers South Campus (Board Conference Room), 12723 S. Park Avenue (2080 West), Riverton.  This is the last organized meeting in which we have the chance to propose an alternative boundary option.  They have specifically asked that those in support of this new change be present at the meeting and stand in support.  If there is not a significant attendance, our proposal may not receive much consideration.

 The boundaries are South Jordan Parkway on the north, a natural boundary between neighborhoods make up the northeast boundary, 4000 W is the east boundary, 11400 S is the south boundary, Kestrel Rise is the southwest boundary and Lake Avenue is the northwest boundary. 

School     Bldg Capacity    Max Capacity    Current #     no changes     # w/Option A

Daybreak        925                  1025+               669               691                 872

Eastlake         925                   1075                1031             1055                839

Golden Fields 900                  1050+               684               770                 770

Welby             750                   1050                 939               917                 952

Reasons to LOVE  Option A :

 - This option reduces Eastlake by 192 students from what we have now, allowing us to lower class sizes and eliminate some of the building accommodations we've had to make in recent years.  Also, gives us room to grow as Eastlake gets built out reducing the chance of another boundary change.

- Eastlake takes on some of the growth areas that are currently inside of Daybreak’s boundaries – the peninsula and the island lots. According to Daybreak developers, the peninsula has 10 more single family home lots and 44 townhomes still available so expected student growth is minimal here. The island lots will have approximately 83 single family homes and 8 townhome lots in both Phase 1 and Phase 2.  Phase 1 isn’t expected to start selling lots for 12-18 months.  We are estimating between 22-99 more students projected to come from the Island over the course of construction. (Peninsula yield - Eastlake yield).

- Enrollment numbers at Daybreak and Welby are still under current capacity (and well under maximum capacity).  Welby will only be adding 13 more students to their current capacity.  Eastlake’s enrollment #’s are still closer to capacity than Daybreak’s, so we are not shifting the problem, just balancing it out.

- The boundaries include students that are geographically closer to the school and within 1.5 miles of the school, therefore no students are eligible to be bused. This reduces transportation costs for the district. 

- Because DB students are closer to the Daybreak Elementary school, these boundaries offer a much safer walking route, without requiring students to cross any heavily travelled streets like 11400 S and 4000 W. 

- No buses means less vehicle congestion around Eastlake Elementary and surrounding neighborhood streets at arrival and dismissal times, again increasing safety of the kids. Also, less congestion for DB with less buses.

 - The neighborhood east of 40th will not be as fragmented into different school boundaries than some of the other options.  This means they would all get to go to the same feeder school (middle school) together. 

- Currently at Eastlake, 22.5% of students attend Elk Ridge middle school and by moving the section east of 40th West to Daybreak Elementary, 22.9% of students will move to Elk Ridge.  This allows the neighborhood group east of 40th West to stay the same size and not feel like they are a much smaller minority as far as feeder alignments are concerned.

 This should allow for steady growth in undeveloped areas within Daybreak Elementary’s boundaries.  It’s not ideal for anyone to have to use portables, but this option encourages fair and balanced concessions made by all schools.


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