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Move our loved ones out and shut it down!

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Eastham Unit has been without water from the last week of March to current (4/18/15). This is an ongoing problem. They shut off the water at least every couple of months, claiming there is a problem with the pump. So, for four years, that I'm aware of, the plumbing has been so bad that they have had to replace the pump every month or two. My husband has been at Eastham since 2011, which is how long I have been aware of this problem. To date, they have been without water for almost three weeks. The guards bring them a coffee cup size of water twice a day. That's it! My husband uses some of it to brush his teeth. There are prisoners in there on hunger strike because they refuse to eat with the smell of excrement & urine around them. I have written the Ombudsman and I get lies & excuses. I've written our state Representatives and I get no response. This has gone on far too long! They're already being punished for their crimes by not having their freedom. Eastham is one of the oldest prisons in Texas. Aside from plumbing issues, they also have no ventilation in that unit. People have died due to heat exhaustion. My husband encountered a man who had been screaming for help for hours and no one came to his aid. The next morning, he was taken out by a stretcher. The people in segregation are the most neglected. They are hidden away from everybody else and guards only come around every couple of hours to check on them. The unit is located in Lovelady, TX; in the South East region of Texas. It gets hot & humid in that region, to the point of wanting to stay inside under your A/C unit. Imagine what they feel like, having no breeze or cooling system whatsoever. In the winter, it gets so cold that even cuddling under the one blanket they're given doesn't help. This place needs to be shut down. Our loved ones need to be moved to a facility that is up to code. I know some of my readers may have the mind frame that these people shouldn't have committed crimes to get there, but I ask you to look inside yourself for the humanity. Regardless of their crimes, these people deserve to have a sufficient amount of drinking water. They deserve to eat their meals without having to sit near a toilet that hasn't been flushed in days. Even when the water does come back on, it won't be long before it is shut off again. My other attempts to get this corrected have failed. Please sign this petition and help the prisoners at Eastham be heard. Water is not a privilege, it is a RIGHT!

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