Free the Shoulders; Help End Sexist Dress Codes

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At Eastern York School District, as well as many other public and private school districts around the country, students, especially female, are being asked to follow unfair dress code rules. These include rules that require students to cover their shoulders, collar bones, and lower thighs, for the sake of being “professional” and not being “a distraction.” Showing these body parts should not be deemed unprofessional and is not provocative in any way, especially when the people targeted are as young as eleven years old. Young girls should not be being sexualized and dress codes are an extension of this problem. Instead of teaching girls that their bodies are an issue, we should be teaching boys that girls are not sexual objects! It should not be the responsibility of girls to dress conservatively so as not to distract the boys! The goal of this petition is to alter the dress code rules of Eastern York Middle School so that shoulders are no longer banned. Help us end the objectification of young women.

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