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Eastern York Needs An Elementary Youth Wrestling Team. Sign this if you agree!

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Central York recently voted a new rule change within their youth wrestling program. They will no longer allow out of district wrestlers to practice on their youth team. This has left about 15 young Eastern York wrestlers without a place to call "their home team" for this next season and beyond. K-6th grade, Youth / Elementary aged kids are effected by this change. Eastern York is one of the only schools in York without a youth wrestling program that also competes in the York County Youth Wrestling League. For years, anyone interested in wrestling has joined another schools youth program. Many of the Eastern Wrestlers that you hear of that do very well in HS started their wrestling careers long before 7th grade, and attended one of these other schools youth programs. With the right coaching and parenting, burnout can easily be overcome in this sport. But it requires a school system to support the effort for all ages. There should be a coaching curriculum derived by the HS coach that can be used on the young wrestlers so that they are groomed and prepared for the HS coaches curriculum. If we had a youth program for Eastern, our HS team will improve over the years to come. We would be the feeder program into the HS. The solution to Central's decision for our Eastern kids is to finally take the jump and start a youth program. PA is the center of the entire USA in regards to wrestling. We need to take the current "youth program" that Eastern offers and take it to the proper level. That is the solution. Right now these kids go through this small afterschool program at Eastern thinking they are prepared to compete in open tournaments. They are not prepared, usually take a tough loss at their first competition, and then want to give up due to frustration and not winning. This leads to burnout and quitting. The York League coaches hand pick matches for every single kid in the league. This gets the child more evenly matched competition to start earning that confidence that comes with the right experience on the mat. If we win and start this team, EY Wrestling will grow to a level that has never been reached in the history of the school. If we lose, our kids will continue to go to other schools youth programs. They will come to Eastern HS very prepared, but will be tossed into a curriculum that equals that of what they went through at 4,5,6 years of age. They are too qualified for the inexperienced group of 7th graders the team usually consists of--mostly first year wrestlers while these kids already have 6-7 years experience on the mat. I have 3 kids that wrestle, all started to practice at 4 years old. My oldest is a state champion from Indiana, my second son was this years York County Champion, and my 3rd wrestler just finished her first year pinning boys along the way while raising money for PIN Cancer. Her donations raised went toward finding a cure for cancer. My kids along with quite a few other Eastern kids actually competed and battled within the Central Team, so much in fact they had to vote to keep out of district wrestlers off the team because so many Eastern kids were taking that "varsity" spot on the competitive Duals Team. Our Eastern kids actually took up a little over HALF of the entire Central Duals Team. Imagine what we could do if we were wrestling for our TRUE home, Eastern York! Also, there's a glimpse into the potential this club could do. When was the last time Eastern closely competed against a team like Central? These are the same boys that would be competing at the HS age together. If we were to wrestle them head to head, using this combined youth team as an example, we already have half of the matches locked up! Our Eastern kids are already beating kids from Central to earn that spot on the Dual team. We have everything we need except for the community that we live in. We need your support. Please help us to develop the foundation our kids need to be able to take competing in a sport that they love to an opportunity for a college scholarship. Please help our Eastern boys to be able to wrestle in the singlet that they should be wearing. One with a golden knight logo. Not a Central or Suburban or Red Lion or Red Land or Hanover or etc.....the list goes on. All the other schools have this. I understand the Eastern HS team is highly respected, along with the coaching staff. The idea of this club is only to help them with their goals. We certainly are not looking to change or replace that team. And we have the resources to be able to do this without taking away from the HS team. We just need the community to show that our school needs this. And we need the support from the HS team and coaches and athletic board. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. Taking a kid to states every few years is certainly an accomplishment. But why stop there? Let's set a goal to start bringing 5 kids to PA States every year. Eastern has never had a PA wrestling state champion. This petition could change that forever. Right now, today, we could be on the path to changing that. If you want to see a golden knight standing on the #1 spot with PIAA gold around his neck, then please sign this petition. Thanks, and God Bless. These kids deserve way more than what our community is currently providing for them. Although the team was recently knocked down due to the news from Central, we are in perfect position to hit a blast double and get back into the match. We need a place to call home though and we all want that place to be Eastern. Please help me to show our community leaders that I am not the only one that feels this way. I'm not asking for money, time, help from your family, or even anything to change for our current MS and HS teams. I'm simply asking for a signature to show that you support the idea of a youth team being started and connected to Eastern York Schools. Let's go Wrestlers, and let's go Eastern Golden Knights! I have my own children and the kids of around 10 Eastern families that want to do this and grow our community by doing it. Help these kids out and sign your name to say WE WANT YOUTH WRESTLING! This is a sport that teaches our young men and women to become better men and women, from inside to out. Wrestling makes people become better versions of themselves. Those are the kind of people that I want to raise in our community, because one day they will be the ones running it. Let's get them the right foundation to be prepared to do that for ALL our futures together. Thank you for your support. These kids are not shy from hard work. I can assure you they would wear that Golden Knight with pride on their singlet. Show us your support and sign your name! Thank you for supporting our great group of kids. They have bright futures ahead of them, let's turn the spotlight on them right now and support them all the way to those hefty goals in front of them!

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