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Getting our Beloved Bio Teacher, Mr. Peck back

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Our biology teacher, Mr. Peck was unfairly fired for teaching his students what he truly believed was important. He taught all of his students with pride and integrity. He was determined that every student would understand the information to the point where they could repeat it back to him. If a student didn't understand the material, he would not move on until the student understood. He was one of the best teachers that any of us have ever had and he was also one of the most passionate teachers in the whole science department. Mr. Peck completely impacted all of his students' lives and hopefully has the chance to impact many more. He genuinely cared about teaching us factual information, and he thoroughly researched everything he taught us. He was able to teach us information by knowledge, not just out of the textbook. Mr. Peck was one of the only teachers at Eastern High School to genuinely care about the education of his students. With the way society is evolving, everyone is becoming more materialistic and less human. One would think that thinking out side of the box should be encouraged rather than looked down upon, yet that's exactly what happened to Mr. Peck. He taught with creativity and intelligence and did not completely follow the textbook, but all of his students learned more, and retained the information better. Ten years from now, we will all continue not only remember the differences between a diploid and a haploid cell, but also all of the other stuff that he taught us. We hope that by getting enough signatures, that the Board of Education may reconsider, and that future generations of Eastern High School, get to have an amazing teacher like Mr. Peck.

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