Equal Access to Pain Management Services at the Burin Peninsula Health Care Centre

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  • All residents of the Burin Peninsula deserve EQUAL ACCESS to medical treatments at the Burin Peninsula Health Care Centre! Leonard Strang is a 74 year old resident of Lawn, NL, who has been suffering from chronic pain for decades.  Oral medication no longer works for him because it has burned his stomach lining.  He was approved for the pain management program which gives medication through IV every few months.  It was indicated that he would receive the first treatment in St. John's and follow up treatments in Burin.  He took his first treatment in St. John's but the Burin Hospital refused to allow him to take his follow up treatments there, even though they DO give these treatments to some patients of the Burin Peninsula.  To make matters worse, the St. John's center where he received his first treatment will not take him on because, according to the secretary, they were under the impression that he would get his treatments in Burin.  He is now over-due for a treatment and suffering needlessly while his nearest health care facility is refusing to give him this much needed treatment.  Mr. Strang, and all residents of the Burin Peninsula, deserve equal access to medical treatments and should not have to travel to St. John's to receive a treatment which can be provided in Burin.