Allow Homecare to Assist Disabled Clients with Medicinal Cannabis

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We need the regional health authority Eastern Health to acknowledge there are disabled clients who rely on medical cannabis and home care workers in the provincial home support programs must be clear to assist clients with home cultivation and purchase cannabis for clients as with any other medicine.

My name is Barry Moores and I have suffered with multiple sclerosis for almost three decades. I am confined to a wheelchair, I cannot walk and have little use of my hands. I am barely scraping by. I live ten thousand dollars below the poverty level. I am intolerant to baclofen, the only pharmaceutical MS antispasmodic. My neurologist has prescribed cannabis for me for nearly 20 years and cannabis is legal everywhere in Canada now.

Eastern Health must contact my homecare agency to notify them they are aware of my medical cannabis usage. They have had two weeks to do this simple task but have not responded. If I don't get some help on my little grow within a few days, I stand to lose hundreds of dollars this spring and in the subsequent months. I cannot afford this.

The health authority should be intelligent enough to figure out how much stress this problem puts me under and how obvious it should be to respond quickly and affirmatively to the request.

Please sign this petition and put pressure on the regional health authority and the Department of Health and Community Services of Newfoundland and Labrador to do the right thing, not only for me, but for all the other disabled individuals who benefit from medical cannabis, now and in the future.