East Bay Regional Park District Juneteenth

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Commemorate Juneteenth at the East Bay Regional Park District

• Acknowledge Juneteenth as an official holiday for EBRPD employees
• Free admission to the public for the day
• Educational and cultural programming
• Hold at equal significance as July 4th
• EBRPD to honor board resolution (2020-06-132)

Juneteenth is a holiday that was established in commemoration of the end of slavery in the United States. On June 19th 1865, Union soldiers under the command of Major General Gordon Granger arrived in Galveston, Texas, and announced to all, both free and enslaved, that the war had ended, slavery had been abolished and all enslaved people were now free. June 19th, also known as “Freedom Day”, “Jubilee Day” and “Emancipation Day” was then celebrated each year in Galveston, as former slaves returned to the state to gather with family members and friends to celebrate their newfound freedom. This day is now recognized as a holiday in 48 states, and numerous communities across the country including locally in Oakland, Berkeley, and Richmond California.


The legacy of African-Americans/Black People/blacks is a significant part of American history and June 19th, 1865 was a pivotal day, a day that forever changed the lives of an entire race of people. As such, we would like to honor this day with the same recognition as other significant moments in American history (i.e. July 4th). On June 16, 2020, the EBRPD Board of Directors unanimously approved  Resolution 2020-06-132 denouncing racism and standing in solidarity with Black People and all People of Color. This resolution states “ the East Bay Regional Park District honors Black, Indigenous, and People of Color...” and “ commits to ensuring safe and welcoming outdoor spaces for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color...”.  To ensure specific actions are taken based on this resolution we are asking the EBRPD Board of Directors to implement the following:


• Acknowledge Juneteenth to be an official holiday for EBRPD employees
• Provide free admission to parking, swimming, district fishing permits and dog fees on Juneteenth
• Direct staff to create programming that will highlight the significance of Juneteenth


We are asking that EBRPD be a leader in recognizing the significance of Juneteenth as a day to reflect, listen, learn, and invite the community to share in honoring and commemorating this historical day.