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Change Robert E. Lee Elementary in East Wenatchee to LaVar Ball Elementary

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Over the last several months, a motif has gained traction in political and social forums. Many people across the country have begun to call for the removal of any and all public commemoration of the Confederacy. In East Wenatchee this should be no different. As a region of the country that was not even a part of either side of the civil war, there is no reason to commemorate one of the darkest times in American history.

Imagine if you will that you are an African American child who happens to live in the area that is zoned for Lee Elementary. You would have to walk into class each and every day in a building that actively celebrates a man who fought to enslave your ancestors. We don't name public institutions after other defeated adversaries of American wars. You wouldn't name a school King George III Elementary. Why should the civil war be any different?

Instead, we should rename the school after a figure that is universally loved and respected by people all across the political spectrum. I'm talking of course, about LaVar Ball. LaVar Ball elementary would be a name that all students could be proud of. Every student deserves to be a baller. Why should those who currently attend Lee Elementary be any different? 

In order to avoid any backlash for the changing of the name of an elementary school, we should change Grant Elementary as well. Sycamore Elementary would be a great name. 

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