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Bring lice checks back to school!

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I am starting this petition because of events my children have been through and as well as others I have witnessed! When I was in school we had lice "head" checks and if anything were found we got sent home to solve the issue!  The schools no longer do these anymore and when a child has been spotted scratching excessive or even spotted lice the school is not allowed to address it!  I have called the school myself and asked about addressing a lice issue and they told me they could NOT say anything to the children or even their parents!  I know they have a concern with attendance and it being "non-contagious," but it is in fact CONTAGIOUS!  Regardless if the school in the one to notify a parent of their kid having lice once it is discovered the child will miss school anyway because their parent will have to take care of it.  My child had lice 2 times within a couple months 2 years ago and it was a PAIN to get rid of, I called into work, all 3 of my kids stayed home and we defeated the lice situation.  But, one of my children has told me of classmates who have signs of lice and even have lice and my child told the teacher discreetly and was told they cannot do anything about it!!! That is why I called the school and got the same answer!  In turn I have to tell my child to stay away from the other kids that may have it and I feel bad those kids having to feel like an outcast over it!  The schools pride themselves on being responsible for helping us raise our children basically and caring for them so I would think watching out for issues like this should be included!  If our kids get lice repeatedly because of something so petty as the lice checks then the school should pay for our treatments we have to buy over and over!  All we are asking is to bring back lice checks and making parents aware of any lice OUR OWN children have! This would help stop a lot of the lice cases from being repetitive!! Thank you for signing!

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