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Some of us wrote to East Sussex County Council describing traffic problems in 2017. 250 of us completed a traffic survey for the village Neighbourhood Plan in December 2017, and many local to a dangerous pinch point completed a subsequent emergency survey for the Parish Council in March 2018. You will now have received the letter from the Parish Council requesting urgent action, sent in April 2018.
We now write in support of the Parish Council’s requests, and to demand that all the responsible authorities now act together to protect us.
Every day we experience real danger caused by the reckless driving of vehicles, many of them juggernauts and heavy haulage, along our High Street including along our pavements.
These are some of the things we told the Parish Council in their recent emergency survey:
 Cars, vans and lorries mount the southern pavement on a daily basis, frequently passing within inches of our front doors. The pavement is the only access to some of our homes, and we live in fear every time we leave or return. We repeatedly have no choice but to retreat into our houses to enable traffic to move past.
 While some incidents occur because parked cars reduce the lanes to one, impatient drivers daily create two and even three lanes by mounting the pavement.
 Many of us have experienced or witnessed being squashed or pinned against houses to avoid traffic driving along the pavement, mostly at speed. Many of us have stories to tell about clinging onto a window sill, window box, or one another, in the face of drag from passing vehicles.
 Some of us have been hit by passing wing mirrors.
 Houses and parked cars have been hit by passing traffic.
 All of us that know the dangers of crossing the A265, despite the absence of formal crossing points, in several places, to avoid the pavement that is used as a traffic lane. We cross this road repeatedly to avoid being crushed. We do this on the basis that frequent crossing in the path of passing traffic is safer, and less frightening, than the risk of walking unprotected along the pavement.
 There are repeated disputes about who has the right of way. We witness regular incidents of road rage in which impatient drivers employ horns and foul language to express their impatience. This commonly happens when an oncoming driver refuses or is unable to reverse out of someone’s way.
 The volume of heavy haulage, extremely large lorries, trucks and vans has increased hugely, with a particularly noticeable increase over past 6-12 months.
 Many of us who live along the length of the High Street are extremely worried about the structural damage to our properties. Houses shake each and every time a heavy truck passes.
 Noise pollution is beginning to affect some of us very badly, adding to the stress of living close to the road.
 Pollution levels are worsening every day with vehicles spewing out black muck onto our houses.
 The desperate state of the road surface is adding to the levels of noise and dirt. As drivers enter the village and see the poor state we are in, any respect they may have felt vanishes. Road and pavement damage deteriorates as each vehicle passes. We watch the cost, both public and personal growing every day.
 Whilst this petition mainly relates to Burwash Village, the problems of heavy traffic moving at high speed through other local villages is just as acute.  Simply removing the road sign A265 Lewes on the A21 in Hurst Green would help, especially as there is no longer a direct A road to Lewes through our villages and no road suitable for the heavy trucks that try to use it.

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