Broadcast all council and committee meetings online, and allow personal electronic devices to be used in meetings.

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The East Riding of Yorkshire Council are against progress and transparency. On October 9th 2013 they voted down motions tabled by Labour Councillor Josh Newlove which would have made the democratic process more transparent.

These motions called for the council to broadcast all their meetings which could be accessed easily online, as well as allowing councillors and the public alike to use personal electronic devices so those present could report, record, blog and tweet the proceedings. Only Labour councillors supported both proposals.

In rejecting the proposals to modernise, East Riding Council now lags far behind our other democratic institutions like Parliament and other local authorities (including neighbouring Hull City Council) in broadcasting its activities. They are denying people the right to see, hear and access on the web the views of the people they elect and pay for through their taxes. East Riding Council's stance is even at odds with the government, with Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, Eric Pickles, in favour of filming and 'citizen journalism'.

Councillor Newlove has said "Backwards councillors would rather sit back and do nothing. They’ll tell you that ‘its time will come but its not now’, but that is simply not good enough. County Hall houses the ‘people’s chamber’; it belongs to the public and they pay us to represent them. Let’s not sit back. Let’s modernise, let’s engage, and let’s make the time for meetings to be filmed now."

These proposals cannot be resubmitted for debate for another six months. However, Councillor Newlove hasn't conceded. Please join him by signing this #PetitionForProgress, and share with others in the coming months as the fight for transparency continues.

If East Riding Council have nothing to hide, what do they have to fear?

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