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For the residents of Stamford Bridge, the speed limit near the Brickyards is a constant threat. This is a busy country lane used by residents, commuters and also one of the main routes for prison staff.  Casually referred  to as 'wacky races', drivers will frequently speed down the lane with no regard for the safety of other drivers, residents, pedestrians, animals or cyclists.  At present, there are absolutely no restrictions on this stretch of road.  Recent incidents alone have seen drivers run off the road, damage to vehicles,  cyclists knocked off their bike and wildlife/animals killed.  There have also been incidents of cars driving so fast they have lost control and driven into the brickyards lake! 

In 2014 the Council undertook a survey determining the average speed to be less than 40miles per hour. On that basis, no further consideration of managing the speed is forthcoming and requests during 2018 have been rejected by the council. This is despite there being some implied acknowledgement of the risk due to the 'slow' sign painted on the road approaching either side of the brickyards and where the road narrows, but with nothing substantial to support and manage it. Questions arise in terms of where the survey took place and the time of day. All of which will be reviewed once the survey has been disclosed. 

It is clear that the survey does not accurately demonstrate the risk or speed.  

This petition has been set up in a bid to encourage the council to review the speed limit and manage this stretch of road with speed bumps. 

Please sign the petition to show your support for the change. 

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