East Pasco - People For The Pool

East Pasco - People For The Pool

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Started by Kim Barker

If you want to see a community pool and state of the art aquatics center built in East Pasco County, please sign and share this petition, and join the movement at:


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People For The Pool - East Pasco

  • Our mission is to demonstrate to Pasco County, the City of Zephyrhills, and the City of Dade City that there is strong demand among the current residents of East Pasco for a new and improved state of the art aquatics center to be built in our area.
  • We believe that the addition of an aquatics center has tremendous potential to provide social, educational, recreational, and economic value that would result in stronger community bonds, greater public safety, healthier citizens, job creation, increased property values, and more tourism dollars for our area. 
  • We believe that this vision for an aquatics center in East Pasco aligns perfectly with Pasco’s tagline “Open Spaces. Vibrant Places” and Pasco County’s tourism branding as “Florida’s Sports Coast”. Furthermore, we believe that there is an incredible opportunity for the City of Zephyrhills to host such a project, with its well known identity as the “City of Pure Water”.
  • We intend to advocate that East Pasco is the best suited area within Pasco County for an aquatics project because 1) the need is present 2) the population is sufficient to support such a facility year round and 3) the geography is best suited for such a project and the land is available.
193 have signed. Let’s get to 200!