Implement Cleaning Prouducts back into our Classrooms!

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Petition to Implement Cleaning Products into the Classrooms:
 We the Parents are sick of our Children getting Sick. We must stand together and fight for what we believe in. Too many kids and school staff are getting sick in our schools. It’s time to make a change on the way we clean and maintain our classrooms. By signing this Petition we are making a stand on Allowing the use of cleaning products in our CLASSROOMS again and bringing back the Lysol Spray, Lysol/ Wipes, and Antibacterial Hand Sanitizers/Soaps. These products can be used while kids are at lunch/recess and Extra-Curricular activities. These products should also be used at the end of every school day, to ensure the cleanliness of each classroom. We also Stand to have “Air Quality in our Classrooms. The windows in classrooms should be opened while kids are at Lunch/Recess or an extra-curricular activity. Let the Fresh air in and the Germs out. By Signing this Petition we the Parents are taking a Stand in our children’s well-being.
Action petitioned for
We, the undersigned, are concerned parents who urge our school leaders to act now and add these extra components to our classrooms immediately.