Help East Lothian improve its recycling rate by introducing wheelie bins - not boxes.

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East Lothian Courier Recycling Article

East Lothian's recycling rate could be improved greatly by introducing recycling wheelie bins. The boxes we currently use in most areas are unsustainable and a potential hazard as they blow in the wind. Many residents complain of slugs and insects in their boxes, and the boxes are an eyesore in the garden.

Residents have expressed a desire to have recycling wheelie bins, and some parts in the council area do have wheelie bin recycling. Please introduce wheelie bin recycling for all. Residents of this county are proud to do our part for the environment, and there is no reason we cannot lead Scotland in recycling rates. We already have a high recycling rate despite the use of the boxes, and this could only improve if we had the opportunity to recycle in a safe and sustainable manner.