#SaveHarper's & Fight Against Covid-19 With Unity!

#SaveHarper's & Fight Against Covid-19 With Unity!

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Ali Haider
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Harper’s brewpub is the most notable spot where Michigan State students socialize, make memories, and have fun during their schooling years in East Lansing. Harper’s Brewpub is a family owned business and the largest and most active bar on campus at Michigan State University. Harper’s has gone above and beyond to give back to our community with donations of hundreds of thousands of dollars to local organizations, charities, non-profits, and more. For the people that know the family and owners of Harper’s, they are the sincerest and kindest people around.

Harper’s is now undergoing a hearing forced by city and government officials with the Michigan Liquor Control Committee to determine if their liquor license should be stripped, and their family business to be destroyed. This not only destroys their business but destroys a majority of MSU students favorite bar to socialize and make memories at. Sign this petition to support Harper’s in efforts to save their business!

Under the order of the governor, Gretchen Whitmer, bars like Harper’s could open their doors, with no state mask mandate in order. It was clear this was the wrong decision, as thousands of party deprived college students rushed to campus to partake in the partying after a long lockdown. It was the students and customers of Harper’s choice to enter knowing the risks. Harper’s had followed all guidelines, and also encouraged students to social distance and wear masks. Since the outbreak Harper's has shutdown all operations and put thousands of dollars into air purifying systems, as well as mobile app software to improve the social distancing to do with bars across the state of Michigan. Yet outbreaks are inevitable, and Covid-19 is not going away any time soon. So why would you blame a business, that did everything they could have done? Will the government & City officials strip every business of their rights and put the blame on them when some inevitable outbreak occurs during this pandemic?

News outlets, city officials, and other notable people have gone out of their way in efforts to destroy Harper’s name and their business. Constant articles have been posted putting the blame on Harper’s, with misleading and unfair information, while every other bar, restaurant, and point of interest was open in the City of East Lansing to serve over 50,000 students and thousands of more locals. As well as the City of East Lansing opening an entire social district dedicated to drinking and attracting large crowds. COVID-19 cases could have uprooted anywhere among the highly populated campus of active students that are asymptomatic spreading Covid-19 without knowing.

These facts come from myself, a student that was in the mix during all of this. Someone that went to each bar open, that ate at several restaurants, that even joined the large partying crowds in the city’s social district. Yet city officials, and news outlets sway the narrative when they weren’t there to see anything. They choose to take the easy way out and destroy a business, rather than fight a real pandemic with unity and respect to everyone and every business trying to survive during this atrocious time.

Sign this petition to show your support to Harper’s, and also support to fight COVID-19 in the right way, in unity. Let's #SaveHarper's together!