Decision Maker Response

East Jessamine High School’s response

East Jessamine High School

Jun 18, 2014 — Hi, guys,

This morning, I actually met for over an hour with six students who are in student government. I told them that I wanted for students to have more voice in what's happening at East High. What I actually found out from them was that: (1) IDs-they wondered why the need for IDs once they have established a place to sit; doesn't the log in to Edgenuity show who we are. Could the ID showing stop after the first nine weeks once the teachers know us? Why do we show an ID to get in and then show it again while we're at our desk? (2) Phones-why does even the glimpse of a cell phone result in a detention? (3) Talking-there in a "no talk" rule, but sometimes we need help and it takes the teacher a while to get to us and the person next to us could help. (4) Pace-sometimes we understand the concept but have to listen to the entire explanation and that gets boring.

It appears to me that the overwhelming concern is with how the labs are run; it's not Edgenuity as much as it is the classroom setup.

There also was a discussion of Edgenuity matching with what's happening in class. The students mentioned that both Ms. Baker and Mr. Kissinger used Edgenuity in their classroom and also tied Edgenuity lessons in with the topic they were discussing in class.

Although I appreciate and respect the right of your petition, I think a discussion is a better solution. The reps and I are talking again next Wednesday. If there are other concerns you have, e-mail one of them or me.

Edgenuity is not going away. We need to look at a way to make it work. All of you guys are entering a world where computers are more and more becoming the norm. One of the jobs that we have is to prepare you for the future. I told the group that I am taking summer classes at UK and have been to actual class three times--all of the rest is being done on-line.

So my question to you is, knowing the variety of students in the labs, from hard workers to slackers, how would you set up the lab? Just e-mail me if you have any ideas; I will share them with the reps next week.