Save Brooks-Park

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The Brooks-Park property is the former home and studios of artist couple James Brooks and Charlotte Park, two major abstract expressionists who made a lasting and explosive contribution to world art and culture along with their contemporaries- including Jackson Pollock, Lee Krasner, Willem DeKooning, and others. The existing house and studio buildings have fallen into a state of major disrepair bordering on falling down.

The property and buildings are owned by the Town of East Hampton, and it is their intention to demolish the buildings because they have deemed them to be an "attractive nuisance" and preserve the area as open space. As these are historically significant structures representing some of the first purpose-built standalone artist studios of the east end and home to renowned artists, the buildings qualify for restoration funding from a number of sources, and there is significant interest from community members in pursuing the creation of a management plan for the property going forward.

Proposed ideas for Brooks-Park include the restored house and large main studio, which could host art exhibitions, presentations, performances, and classes for the community, as well as interpretive nature programs or displays. The property connects to other town-owned public trails and would present an opportunity to integrate into the larger trail system and provide a place for passive recreation and picnicking in a quiet, historic setting.

This petition is asking for the Town Board of East Hampton to revoke its order for demolition of the structures, stabilize the same, and seek input from the community for appropriate use for the property while acting in good faith to partner with a management group.