Akita still is walking free after attack on child

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My 6 year old son was happy playing he walked past the neighbours American Akita and stood on the end of tail which resulted in it turning on my son he has claw marks on his arm and 2 bite marks 1 on his throat which is a few inches from his jugular and another on his chest 

I reported to police nothing done they claim

it’s just a scratch apart nothing can be done apart  from a marker been put on dog so nothing will happen unless it attacks another child 

my son was extremely lucky but the next child may not as lucky

i have recently learned that this dog has lunged at older children whilst it was tied up outside coop these children were luckily enough able to act a lot quicker than my son 

Yet still no muzzle on dog or owner dealt with 

This owner and dog stay couple hundred yards from a play park where lots of children play 

I have also been informed that the owners young children take this dog out which also terrrifies me they are young girls up against a very strong dog which they wouldn’t be able to control

As a mother and a pet owner this dog is NOT safe around children and has to be punished to prevent this from happening again also owner must be dealt with appropriately