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Kane Lewis was born at 25 weeks (15 weeks premature) weighing 1ib 8oz. Because of his early arrival and having to be resuscitated twice, this has caused Kane to have a few problems which will affect him for the rest of his life and can be worsened if they do not move from the house they are living in. The house has been assessed as very damp and mouldy which is unsafe for anyone, especially vulnerable babies like Kane
Kane had long term intensive care requirements, a long hospital stay lasting many months and he has been left with significant chronic lungs disease. Whilst he no longer requires home oxygen, he does have a persistent breathlessness, a vulnerability to respiratory infections and low threshold for hospitalisation during intercurrent illnesses which any normal infant would cope with. An example of this recently is when Kane was readmitted with a RSV positive bronchiolitis requiring high dependency care and respiratory support. This respiratory vulnerability will persist for the majority of Kane's preschool years and where he lives at this present moment is overcrowded with significant damp all of which will increase the probababilty of recurrent infections.
Kane also has developmental delay, physical difficultty with his left side and an ongoing minor heart problem all of which means that Kane will deal less well with intercurrent illnesses. At present Kane at 18 months of age is exhibiting features of a left sided delay with an expectation of both learning difficulties and left sided hemiplegia.
Kane also has had significant damage to his eyes associated with prematurity which has required surgical and medical therapies. This means there is expectation that he will have significant visual impairment which may well influence his safety in a crowded home environment.
Kane lives with his two older sisters, his older brother and his mum and dad who all live in a 3 bedroom house. Not only is it a crowded home environment but it is also very cold, mouldy and damp which can seriously affect Kanes health which is a worry for everyone who cares and loves him. Not only has it affected Kane, it has affected his big sister who suffers with asthma.
Kanes parents have contacted the council to be rehoused desperate to leave the place they live in at present. Not only have Kanes parents contacted East Devon District Council but his consultant, community nurse, occupational theaprist, physio and varies councillors have also contacted them trying to help as they're all concerned about Kanes health living in the home that they live in.
Kane and his family are on the council list as a band c and have been for a while now. But the council have refused to re band them even with kanes needs and a survey of the house as evidence, leaving them very low on the list when a house does become available not giving his family much hope to be rehoused. We are aware that it is difficult to rehouse a big family, but all we ask is that they are rebanded so they have a higher chance to be housed.
All we ask is that you sign this petition and hopefully it'll help Kane and his family to be housed so they can live in a happy, healthy environment. We have run out of ideas to encourage the council to help so hopefully this may show them how desperate Kanes parents are to have him in a better environment.
Every signature is appreciated very much and let's hope it can make a change to Kane and his family!! we would like to make it clear that the landlord of the house Kane and his family live in have been amazing. The work that needs to be done has been started but can't go any further while Kane is living here because of his needs. They have even phoned the council themselves to try and push forward Kane and his family being rehoused. 

all your signatures really do mean the world to Kane and his family, please keep sharing this! Thankyou to everyone who already has!

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