Close ghazipur landfill site for any further dumping of waste

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I've started my petition asking the concerned Government body " Close Ghazipur landfill site for any further dumping of waste." 

 Ghazipur landfill site is a problem which is only growing bigger by day.Just like the most of us even in was unaware that there even exist such a thing in the capital until I saw it for my self and  to my shock it was mountain of waste. Imagine a pile of garbage so huge that when you see a waste truck climbing it, it seems as if a toy truck is climbing a mountain.

The giant pile of garbage(which is more than 65 meters tall) is now growing at such a speed that it is competing with the height of Qutub Minar, the tallest minaret of India.

The asthetics are the least of the worries the major issue are:

  • The emission of gases by the landfill which are mainly carbon dioxide, methane, ammonia , hydrogen sulfide. Reportedly it is unbearable for the residents of the near by areas as the gases released impart to foul odour and are toxic in nature, acting as a slow poison.
  • Leachment in the Kondli canal. It is not only polluting the air and land but also the water bodies near by.

According to the Times of India ,in the month of September, 2017 the landfill collapsed resulting in two reported casualties

As an initiative there were two alternative sites proposed by the concerned bodies but according to CPCB the sites are not fit for waste disposal. It’s been 17 years since Ghazipur ran out of space and should have been shut down but the trucks continue to dump waste there.

We were very well aware about the climate change and most of us did not even bother to take an initiative about it and now the climate is changing way faster than we thought, similarly if we do not take an initiative against issues like Ghazipur landfill site now there will be more and we all will be living in it.

Sign And Share my Petition if you believe that we have the right to not live on such piles of dumps in the near future and make a change by putting an end to the ticking time bomb.

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