Tomi Lahren Does Not Reflect East Carolina University

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Conservative commentator Tomi Lahren has been invited to East Carolina's campus to speak next Monday, April 17. The ECU chapter of Turning Point USA invited Lahren, and coincidentally announced her arrival the same day that she was suspended and later fired for expressing her pro-choice stance on 'The View'.

Many opinion articles and pieces have come out that people who disagree with her message should "grow up" or just "not attend". That controversial speakers come to campuses all the time, that it's not a big deal. 

Countless students have expressed their fears of her coming to ECU, that the message she sends does not reflect with our campuses creed and ideals. The East Carolina University Creed holds students accountable for adhering to moral principles such as, "I will respect and appreciate the diversity of our people, ideas, and opinions". Lahren's messages come from a place of hate and spite against anyone who is different. Her hateful rhetoric does not reflect East Carolina’s ideals and her coming here to spread that message should not be welcome on this campus.

This petition is not coming from a place of intolerance to understanding the other side, free speech, or diversity of thought. This petition is challenging it. This is to acknowledge that people who do not support her are afraid of the message fellow peers may hear from her.

East Carolina's campus was a very fragile and uncertain space after Donald Trump was elected, especially for the minority group on campus. Lahren, who has been a huge advocate for Trump, bashing the democratic side in almost every form, said in a video before him becoming President-Elect that, "I'm nervous for this election. There isn't a single candidate I can really go all in for". But the day after election day, her video segment starts out by exhaling, "We did it! They outspent us, they outnumbered us, and counted us out from day one but here we are, November 9th 2016, with President-Elect Donald J. Trump!" Her inconsistency, intolerance, and labeling of anyone who doesn't agree with her is outright disturbing in 2017. 

This petition is not even being formed to get her uninvited to our campus. Just a reflection of students who have expressed fear and frustration with an organization inviting her to our campus when she does not reflect our ideals in any manner.

The Faculty Statement on Charles Murray’s Lecture at Columbia University was pointed out by a faculty member on East Carolina’s campus to me. I believe that it speaks volume on how a university, its students, faculty, and staff should view this event. I will leave you with their university's words and how East Carolina students should have the same outlook. “We believe strongly in the right of student groups to invite speakers of their choice to campus.  But by the same token, those who find those speakers’ views abhorrent have an equal right to express their disagreement in a vigorous, although non-violent, manner.  Efforts to vanquish disturbance from our campus mirror similar efforts to impose civility norms on academic inquiry and debate. In our view, one of the primary aims and methods of a liberal arts education is to disturb well-settled beliefs, opinions, and notions of truth through reasoned and rigorous interrogation.”