Addressing Public Displays of Obscene Images on East Carolina University Campus

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As East Carolina University students, we should be able to make a change when events on campus invoke feelings of extreme discomfort and trauma. The images displayed by the Center for Bio-Ethical Reform on the Mendenhall Lawn were obscene, triggering to some, and not educational. The group itself stated the images were used to instate trauma in others. The intent of these images, directed at students, was not to educate or inform, but to invoke feelings of distress. The images that triggered trauma and potential PTSD in students were shown in a high traffic area with inadequate and misreiprensted warnings. Students should not have to worry about the issue of seeing graphic violent pictures on the way to class. Students, staff, and faculty should not be terrorized or frighten in a learning environment. If the acts like the one presented by Center for Bio-Ethical Reform go on without resistance what will stop other groups from showing images of gore?

ECU needs to make a change on the guidelines of what is appropriate within free speech. Free speech is different than showing obscene images. ECU should set an example to other colleges as a safe environment for all students. The goal is to get some change in the way ECU brings groups like this to campus. We need to be able to have warning to these situations and adequate counseling resources available. 

As a student, I feel that a change needs to be made for the well-being of the students. As a college ECU should care about the safety of student's physically, but also mentally. Campus offices can not help us, so it is up to us to make the changes we want to see. 

Images of Event (Warning Sensitive Content)

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