Sign final contract with Shree Cement

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As all East Bengal supporters know that Shree Cement has been doing a wonderful job. 

In a very short time they have got a world renowned person as a coach. East Bengal is regularly getting coverage international media and international portals in social media. 

They have got a player like Bright Enobakhare and clubs like Liverpool has shown interest in tie ups with East Bengal. 

However, there remains a real hindrance. The club officials have not signed the final agreement and they are trying alter the terms and conditions which they have already signed in the term sheet. 

An inordinate delay will mean we will loose a player like Bright Enobakhare next season and if Shree Cement is forced to leave, then no other big corporate will be interested to invest big money in East Bengal. 

Through this petition we are trying to raise awareness amongst all true East Bengal supporters and asking the club officials to sign the deal as soon as possible. 

Remember, investors come because of us, the millions of supporters. Not because of a few officials and their cronies.

Please sign the petition. #joyEastBengal #chhilamachhithakbo