Finalize the much needed deal with the investor as soon as possible

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Debabrata Sarkar
Honourable Official of East Bengal FC

Dear Nitu da,

First of all, we the supporters want to thank you and your team of officials for fighting hard in this pandemic situation to find an investor and to play this year's ISL. We know and we can understand how difficult it is to find an investor. But as per the current information, we know that an investor is ready to invest for our mother club. But there might be some clause for which the whole things is paused at the moment. If the investor is demanding to change the logo, or the club name or the colour, then we won't support this deal. But, if they demand anything related to maximum share percentage only, then we would request you to consider this demand and leave the maximum share percentage to the investor. In our centenary year, nothing is going better for our mother club. The last thing we wish in the centenary year is to fulfill our dream to play this year's ISL. 
We are not saying this because our arch rival is playing this year's ISL (by merging with a six years old club) and we are not even bothered about what they are doing. We are bothered about our club only. Otherwise, we would lag a year behind in the race of playing the number one league in our country. 
Therefore, it is our humbled and kind request to finalize the deal with the investor as soon as possible to make it into this year's ISL and fulfill our last wish in this season.

With regards,
Millions of East Bengal fans.