Make the Dean Castle Country Park a place the people of Kilmarnock can be proud of.

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The Dean Castle Country Park recieved £4 million in funds to regenerate the park and make it somewhere to be proud of. Instead we have been left with a playpark that is unsuitable for all ages of children. There are no swings for babies, hardly any play equipment for younger kids and only a roundabout (which hardly turns) for children with additional needs. We have been left with a barren pond/swamp which is a health and safety issue. Instead of having a petting zoo place the animals (apart from the pigs) are in an inconvenient place to walk with buggies and wheelchairs. There's hardly any seating or picnic areas, the list just goes on. As a town we would like a park to be proud off as after all it is our park since it was left to the people of Kilmarnock. We would like further work on the playpark and pond. We like you to look at surrounding parks like Calderglen, Dumfries House, Eglinton and see how these parks have provided for everyone.