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East Aurora School District 131: Stop District 131 from reversing their new transgender policy!

Just a couple of days ago, our school board passed a Transgender student policy that will help benefit the LGBTQ student community, but most importantly, the trans population. The policy would give a student the right to access restrooms and locker rooms that correspond to the gender-identity. It will also assert them the right to be addressed by their gender preferred name. After receiving much outside criticism the board is now looking at repealing this policy. East Aurora was seeking progress and we cannot allow this progress to be reversed. This policy as one former East Aurora student commented "may potentially save a child's life."

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    Stella Gonzales
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    Anita Lewis
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    Ignacio Cervantes
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    Ray Hull
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    Richard Lenord
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    Mary Ann Turza
  • President of Board
    Annette Johnson

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