Eligibility for India to compete in EA Sports FIFA events.

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Unfortunately, India isn't eligible for EA Sports Global series event.

India to be included under the list of eligible countries for Global Series held by EA Sports. 

Personal story
I, Saransh Jain and many other Indian players have been wanting to try for qualification. The FIFA community is huge in our country and would love a chance to be involved in global series.
Two Indians are already signed by international teams. Christian Fuchs and Mesut Ozil have stepped into the esports realm in India and picked up two wonderful talents. 3 players are  already FUT champs verified, and constantly finishing in the regional top 100. The performance of every individual is significantly improving day by day and many more will be getting 27 wins soon.

Please make the global series truly global.

We all love this game and a chance to compete in this would mean a lot!