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When a warning is issued, most cable companies activate the emergency alert system or EAS on all channels, including channels already giving detailed, up-to-the-minute information.

In the past EAS broadcast were our first line of defense during severe weather. Advancements in technology and research have allowed meteorologist to pin point down to a street level, where severe weather is located.  The EAS is a generic warning for a specific county or town only.  Local broadcasting stations are able to provide detailed information, which is available in real time closed captioning. Many times there is a delay from the NWS to the EAS going on air.  During a severe weather outbreak, the delay can be anywhere from 2 to 3 minutes.  During a tornado that 2-3 minutes could be the difference between life and death. So why is there even a discussion about this?

 For nearly 3 years Insight Communications has refused to stop interrupting local broadcasting networks,sighting the financial burden to their company.  We need to stand together to tell Insight that the cost of saving a life is priceless and they should be ashamed. 

Time Warner purchased Insight for 3 billion dollars. Tell them to stop being greedy and spend just a little more to help save lives. 

Time Warner released a statement  saying "As part of our operational review of the recently acquired insight systems, the company will be looking into these concerns and how we can be responsive. We all share the same goal of ensuring customers receive the latest information about severe weather as quickly as possible," Keller said. Time Warner is conducting a review of the technical and legal feasibility of the issues pertaining to EAS."


I have spent many hours researching this. There are dozens upon dozens of software packages from private vendors out there to do EAS for TV (and radio). Some use scrolls, some make the main screen go to about 3/4 the regular size, and the warned area shows up in the remaining 1/4 of the screen. TV stations can set up their systems so that the warning is transmitted by clicking a button, or have it automated (ie if everyone goes home after 11 pm at night), or not transmitted at all (Which would make sense if you have a TV Meteorologist  on air keeping everyone up to date on the issue). If I know this and I am just an ordinary citizen, why are cable providers hiding behind "technical and legal issues"? 

Please Join me in sending a message to ALL Cable Providers that the "technical and legal feasibility" is a joke. The cost for life saving changes is priceless and we demand the best and most up to date detailed information as possible to ensure our safety.

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