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Earth Fare stores in Asheville, NC have started adding products to their shelves that explicitly counter Earth Fare's requirements for buying and selling "green" and "humane."

Past experience in writing personal letters to the managers and executives of Earth Fare has shown them to be unresponsive to these concerns, and the idea of a petition was born.

If you even only travel in the southeast and are concerned about corporate responsibility and greenwashing, please sign this petition. 

Letter to
CFO Gary Jones
Manager James Saldutti
Manager Bill Sutara
We, the undersigned, consumers who shop regularly or even occasionally at Earth Fare stores throughout the southeast, are appalled by the recent onslaught of products on your shelves that do not meet your own guidelines for acceptable products.

Your mission statement, on your website, clearly announces that Earth Fare is committed to supporting companies "with environmentally friendly practices," yet you carry Reynolds Aluminum Foil.  The company that makes this foil is ranked #15 in the PERI Institute's top 100 most-toxic companies.

Your mission statement also claims that Earth Fare is committed to carrying nothing tested on animals, yet you've eagerly fallen into the greenwashing trap of Clorox by providing its "greenworks" products for sale.  Clorox admittedly continues to use animals in completely unnecessary tests.

With Earth Fare's policies so clearly stated, consumers who don't research products are likely to trust that Earth Fare is following its own guidelines.  Your shelves clearly show otherwise.

Unfortunately this petition will not address the fallacy of Earth Fare's belief that offering animal carcasses and milk is "humane" and environmentally friendly, or even good for human beings.  Among the UN 2006 report, the reports of activists who have liberated animals from "humane farms," and the China Study, it is conclusive that selling meat and dairy goes against everything in Earth Fare's product guidelines. 

For the purposes of this petition, however, we are simply asking Earth Fare to remove products by Clorox, Reynolds Kellogg's, and other mainstream corporations that have already made their deadly marks on the planet and many innocent creatures. 

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