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Early years childcare funding

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This petition is to support families with young children who want to work. The funding as it is currently, is all three year olds are entitled to 15 (soon to be) 30 hours of early years education a week. And only two year olds if they are eligible.

Now this is the part that doesn't make sense. One of the reasons that you may be eligible for funding for your two year old is; if you receive income support or job seekers allowance. (If you get this you don't work). Why would you need childcare if you are not working? If you work and struggle to live because you earn more than £16,190 (before tax) and have to pay huge childcare fees (and all other usual bills too), you are not entitled to any support until your child is three. Although by going to work your need for childcare is far greater than someone who doesn't go to work. 

Maternity pay from the goverment is for 52 weeks. Therefore the baby will be almost one or one by the time you can return to work. Yet early years education funding doesn't start until three years if you don't qualify and let's be honest most working people/families will NOT be eligible for early funding. So what are you supposed to do to survive for that two year gap between maternity ending and getting funding? Struggle? go hungry? Loose your home? Leave work? Get into debt then start claiming benefits and finally get help towards childcare that you no longer need because you have been FORCED out of work? 

Why arent families recognised for paying their taxes and needing help too? Why are we punished for working? Why can't we teach our children that if you work hard you get rewarded? 

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